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Exhibiting the Art of Michael Barbaric: A Behind-the-Scenes Look at Gallery Shows#FlagstaffAZ#ART35N

As a wood artist based in Flagstaff, Arizona, Michael Barbaric has had the opportunity to exhibit his art in a variety of galleries and shows. In this blog post, we go behind the scenes of one of his gallery shows to get a glimpse of the process of showcasing his work.

When it comes to selecting pieces for a gallery show, Barbaric says he looks for a mix of old and new pieces that showcase the range of his skills and styles. "I like to include a mix of pieces that are more traditional and pieces that are more experimental," he told us. "It's important to me that the show reflects my growth as an artist and the evolution of my work."

Once the pieces are selected, Barbaric begins the process of preparing them for display. "I'll spend a lot of time cleaning and touch-up each piece, making sure they look their best for the show," he said. "I'll also create labels and descriptions for each piece to give viewers some context and background information."

On the day of the show, Barbaric and the gallery staff work together to set up the exhibit. "We'll hang the pieces and arrange them in a way that makes sense and looks visually appealing," he said. "It's always a bit stressful, but it's also a lot of fun to see everything come together."

The opening night of the show is a special occasion for Barbaric and his fans. "It's always a thrill to see people viewing and enjoying my art," he said. "I love getting feedback and having conversations with people about my work."

Barbaric has had the opportunity to exhibit his art in a variety of local shows, including many organized by the Flagstaff community of artists group, ART35.

He has also participated in the downtown Flagstaff art shows on the first Friday of the month, which are a popular destination for art lovers in the area.

Overall, exhibiting the art of Michael Barbaric is a rewarding experience for both the artist and the viewers. From selecting and preparing the pieces, to setting up the exhibit and interacting with fans, Barbaric truly enjoys the process of sharing his art with the world.

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