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Michael Barbaric's art is straight out of this world

Michael Barbaric is a talented wood artist based in Flagstaff, Arizona who has gained a strong following for his unique and expressive art pieces. Using recycled wood and other mediums, Barbaric creates beautiful and meaningful works that convey a sense of sustainability and environmental consciousness.

One of the things that sets Barbaric's work apart is his use of recycled materials, which he hand-shapes and molds into the forms he envisions. This hands-on approach gives his work a raw and organic feel, and allows him to truly connect with the material and bring his ideas to life.

In addition to using recycled materials, Barbaric is also inspired by global events and news topics, and often incorporates social and political themes into his art. His pieces convey a sense of awareness and understanding of the world around him, and offer a unique perspective on current events and issues.

Aside from his artistic pursuits, Barbaric is also a nature lover and frequently ventures into the wilderness to gather inspiration and materials for his art. This connection to the natural world is evident in his work, which often incorporates elements of the landscape and wildlife into his pieces.

Looking to the future, Barbaric has exciting plans for new art projects and exhibitions. He is constantly experimenting with new techniques and mediums, and is always looking for ways to push the boundaries of traditional wood art. With his passion and creativity, there is no doubt that Barbaric will continue to produce stunning and thought-provoking art for years to come. #art #woodart #flagstaff #arizona #flagaz #route66 #route66artist #michaelbarbaric


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